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Why Nifty Future only?

  • Nifty Future is more liquid than any stock.
  • Nifty is comprised of 50 stocks, hence diversified and carries lower risk.
  • Big traders, mutual funds and FIIs concentrate on Nifty more than any other stocks.

Performance of Nifty Machanical Trading System

PeriodNo of TradesPositional Profit Pointss 
APR14-JUN1426596Trade Details
JAN14-MAR1419677Trade Details
OCT13-DEC1329264Trade Details
JUL13-SEP1325998Trade Details
APR13-JUN1314776Trade Details
JAN13-MAR1316409Trade Details
OCT12-DEC1225-76Trade Details
JUL12-SEP1217534Trade Details
APR12-28JUN201226401Trade Details
JAN12-MAR1230688Trade Details
OCT11-DEC1131931Trade Details
JUL11-SEP11231103Trade Details
APR11-JUN1118886Trade Details
JAN11-MAR1119824Trade Details
OCT10-DEC1019818Trade Details
JUL10-SEP1018618Trade Details
APR10-JUN1024539Trade Details

Rules for Nifty Future Mechanical Trading system

The Investor need to follow all signals generated in the system and you have to trade as and when the signal comes. In simple terms BUY when a buy signal is generated and SELL when a sell signal is generated by the system.

Money Back Guarantee for New Client

If you loss a single rupee in first three months of your subscription on net profty/loss basis, we will return your full subscription amount.

Nifty Mechanical Trading System

This system is designed for those investors who want to trade in Nifty for long term.

These investors are more concerned for the return for a period of say 1 year and more.

This Trading system is designed in such a way, so that a Nifty Positional Investor do not have to see day to day activities in the Stock Market, even he/she is involved in some other Jobs or business activities, they can remain in Stock Market every time.

This Mechanical Trading System is an advanced software program designed strictly for NIFTY positional trading which identifies trends, analyzes data and then applies specific customize indicators to generate automatic trading signals for optimal performance in a long term positional calls.

Nifty Future Day Trading with live Buy/Sell signals

  • Take position (either Buy or Sell) only after completion of 21 minute chart candle.
  • Trade with minimum 2 lots of either Big Nifty or Mini Nifty.
  • After taking position follow strict stop loss as per given advice.
  • To trade effectively in NIFTY INTRDAY TRADING, Always take Nifty LOT Position with 50% cash in margin in your Trading Account
  • Strictly follow the Nifty Spot Price entry level & stop loss in nifty future intraday trading.

Some General Rules to Follow

  • Never take over position. Trade with quantity as per trading rules.
  • Never make any prediction about market that will lose your confidence.
  • Strictly follow the Nifty Spot Price entry level & stop loss in nifty future intraday trading.
  • Do not close your positions pre-maturely as system will give you entry and exit calls whenever the signals arise.


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